Our mission at New Pathways RTC is to bring children and adolescents from self-destruction to self-esteem by treating the underlying causes of high-risk behavior. We specialize in treating boys ages 7-17, that are emotionally distressed in a caring and encouraging environment.

We focus on providing programs that show children and adolescents how to cope with stress, help them heal from past trauma, rebuild self-esteem and boost valuable life skills. Our trained and experienced staff will give the children and adolescents the structure he needs through safe and supportive programs to grow and channel his recovery towards a more positive life full of potential.

Every staff member at New Pathways RTC is dedicated to wholly fulfilling the treatment, educational and health needs of our boys with severe emotional and behavioral issues.

Our ultimate goal is to return these children and adolescents to an environment that further promotes their development and accelerates their progress through an intensive in-home service, with their family when possible, or therapeutic foster care when it is not.