At New Pathways RTC we are dedicated to providing each child with the attention they need, the support they require, and the care they deserve. We surround them with love and provide them with the proper resources and opportunities necessary to heal properly and blossom into the best versions of themselves. equip them with the skills to develop into the men they are meant to become. carefully supervised environment to treat children and adolescents who suffer from the most serious emotional and behavioral problems. We have a wide range of services that provide our youth with countless opportunities to receive the help they need in the way that best suites them individually.

Which is why we are also committed to providing ongoing training opportunities for staff in order to ensure we always deliver top quality service to our residents.

Our goal is to return children and adolescents to a less restrictive environment to continue their progress through an intensive in-home service, with their family when possible, or therapeutic foster care when it is not.

We provide every child or adolescent with a goal-directed treatment plan to help each one discover his personal path to healing.

• Presenting Problems

• Individual Counseling

• Group Counseling

• Family Therapy

• Educational Services

• Life-Skills Training

• Religious Worship Opportunities

• Therapeutic Recreation